Greetings and welcome to Sword of the Nation’s second public preview.

First of all, I would like to avail myself of this opportunity to thank everyone who participated and gave Sword’s first public preview a go, and even more immensely thankful to those that provided their invaluable feedback.

I am very honored to present this second preview, which is closer to what I aspire will be the final published version of Sword. Much like with the First Public Preview that I released in January, I hope it gives you a good first look at the life of Bastiel Isthal, the Nation of Vaifen, the Crown of Starsong, and the Gestalt team, as they face the unrelenting wrath of the Ashen Reckoning and their leader, Dogma.

This preview contains the Prologue and the first nine chapters (out of a planned twelve), going all the way up to the events of “Operation Midnight Rhapsody” in Chapter IX: Binaural Symphony.

If you’ve already gone through the first public preview then you won’t find any significant changes beyond grammar and a few tweaks to the story that do not affect the overall plot. This is, however, the first time I release a preview of the ninth chapter in a public manner.

The final act of Sword (Chapters 10 through 12 & the Epilogue) have been deliberately omitted from this public preview as they’re the ones where I will be doing the most amount of changes over the next weeks, and because well . . . you know, spoilers and all that, those are the ones that will be released in a more private and limited manner.

You may download a PDF copy of it by clicking the image below.

What you’re about to read has not been professionally edited yet, and as such, mistakes and grammatical errors will be found. While English isn’t my native language and this is my first rodeo of this type, it is polished to the best of my ability and deficient expertise, so please excuse any glaring mistakes you may find, I promise that they won’t be present in the final product. The cover itself is not final and is merely a placeholder.

As with the first preview there is only one thing I ask in return: your feedback. Any comment, criticism, opinions and whatnot will be highly valuable for the future of this project, or even if you just want to chat, that’s fine too!

You may contact me through the following:

Please check this new preview of Sword of the Nation at your earliest convenience. Creating this universe and giving form has been one of the ways I’ve been able to keep going after all that has transpired in my life over the past five years.

For more information, as well as some lore previews, please check out Sword of the Nation’s hub page.

I hope you enjoy this new glimpse of this Crimson Dream of mine.

Yours truly,

Christian Kaleb Caruzo.

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