Writing about myself is honestly one of the hardest things for me, but here it goes:

Greetings and welcome to ckaleb.com, I’m Christian Kaleb Caruzo, an aspiring fiction novelist from Venezuela currently living in Caracas.

I’ll be writing and documenting my past and current experiences in Venezuela, as well as documenting my journey towards getting myself and my brother out of this Socialist Utopia, in addition to other topics such as Video Games, internet, and posts of a comedic/satire nature.

I’m also currently working on my first novel project, Sword of The Nation, the first chapter of what I aspire will be, a long series of books. If all goes as planned I should be publishing the first book sometime this year. It’ll be an odyssey considering my current location and the hindrances that it entails, but no good journey is ever without its hardships, a journey I’m most thrilled to share with you all.

I hope you enjoy the stuff I write on this website and outside of it — I also hope you enjoy all the memes and content I publish on social media and other places.

I’m always up for a chat or some video games (time permitting, that is). Criticism and feedback are also welcomed. 

Feel free to contact me at: