Hello there. Four years ago I made a General category for my blog, and I never really used it much beyond an initial post and a post that’s no longer available — might as well revamp this category into a General and Announcements section and start using it, now!

It is with great honor that I’m presenting to you all today the brand new and shiny version 2.0 landing pages for both Sword of the Nation and for the overall novel series project: The Vaifen Saga.

I redid both sides from the ground up with a brand new visual style and typography, polished the text, and rearranged stuff around so as to make both pages more aesthetically pleasing to browse and read — or at least that was the intention.

You can check both sites by clicking on the site’s upper menu, or by clicking the following links bellow:

Sword of the Nation
The Vaifen Saga: a vision of a Crimson Dream

This revamp is something that I wanted to make before going full speed ahead with work on the next batch of lore entries and with Sins of the Nation’s first draft. Unfortunately, and because life always tends to throw me curveballs as soon as I overcome an unforeseen obstacle, I currently find myself working at a limited capacity, as my desktop’s 9 year old GPU has started to die on me, something I hopefully will find a solution for soon, in the form of a spare used graphics card.

In the meantime, I’m temporarily operating through my 10 year old laptop that no longer has a working battery, with a broken AMD GPU that has to be force-bypassed by overheating the device so it boots under its integrated graphics mode — but hey, can’t complain, at least I have something that works.

I’m also recovering from an unexpected milk-related stomach conundrum that knocked me down for nearly five days. Thankfully, I’m much better now.

Please check out both sites at your earliest convenience, as usual, any and all feedback is more than welcomed and appreciated. Stay tuned for more info about Sins of the Nation, and for the next lore previews for Sword and the overall project, which I’ll finally start releasing soon.

Lastly, I’d like to once again apologize for being a tad bit slow with the site’s content this month, I wasn’t expecting a bunch of irl problems that were followed by the desktop GPU problem, and then by health issues.

Until the next one,