Hello there, welcome to my humble corner in the Internet, a central hub and foundation for many great things to come.

Here’s some of the things you can expect on this website:

Life in Venezuela: Memoirs of a Venezuelan pariah – also known as “Unscripted Live Action Socialism Survival

I owed you all some form of content, specially to each and every one of you that has donated to me either via Patreon, Paypal, or through other means–I will be forever indebted and grateful to all of you.

That being said, I will begin posting stuff about the misadventures and tribulations of living through a Socialist Revolution; included but not limited to: The medicine and health situation, access to food and supplies, the broken economy (yes, that WoW gold tweet goes here), wages and salaries, Internet, freedom of speech, etc.

As this is a blog and not an actual legitimate news website, I will mostly write it from my point of view, but I will be as objective as possible; do bear in mind that I’m no journalist nor do I have any journalistic experience whatsoever (just like Kotaku!), also publicly writing about myself is still a new and foreign concept to me, getting the hang of it.

So come join me and experience the accelerated social, economical, and cultural collapse of what it could’ve been the greatest nation in South America, as seen through the point of view of this asshole with a heart of gold that only wanted to play video games and write fiction stories. Take a front row seat and come watch as my country burns itself to ashes.

My fiction Novel project.

One of my longest projects in life has been this baby right here, writing my very own fiction series of books–my legacy if you will; writing stories has always been a big passion of mine ever since I was a pure and uncorrupted kid. I finally got serious about this particular project around a year ago and began outlining and shaping an entire fiction universe; as of the time of this post I have written the first half of the first entry, currently reviewing and revamping parts of it before I continue with the second half, expect more info about this in the coming weeks.

Perhaps writing about the entire process, from conception to how I end up managing to publish this worldwide from Venezuela should make up for an interesting reading.

Video Games

I’ll occasionally post stuff and pseudo-reviews of my adventures in the ever expanding world of vidya gaems; from nostalgia induced trips, to MMO shenanigans, and all that lies in between. It would also be a perfect opportunity to show you all a glimpse of how interesting it is to be a gamer in these lands (reminder that “violent” vidya is banned here cause it incites violence and crimes according to the brilliant congressmen that passed this law back in 2010)

Internet and Shitposting

Self explanatory. While Twitter is for shiposting, lewds, and dank memes, there are things that you just can’t fit in 140 chars or less.

I might as well avail myself of this opportunity to apologize beforehand for any grammar horrors and aberrations that I may commit, after all, English isn’t my native language. Some of these grammar mishaps may stem from a lack of mastery of the English language, while otters may stem out of sleep deprivation.

I do hope that you find my humble content entertaining, informative, or better yet, both.

Best regards,


Disclaimer: The costs of hosting, domain, and SSL of this website were paid using some of the BTC donations that I received, they were paid for a period of one (01) year.