This post is long overdue, I’m running out of options here and I would be lying if I said I don’t feel desperate and powerless—more often than before.

My mother is a Doctor with an assortment of specialties, Anesthesiologist, Algology (the study and treatment of pain), Palliative Care, Occupational Health, anti-aging medicine, to name a few. She was the president of the Pain, Regional Anesthesia, and Ultrasound of the Venezuelan Society of Anesthesiology, done conferences in many places across the Americas; I could go on and on, her resume is 16 pages long. 

She was diagnosed with a Leiomyosarcoma on her liver in mid-2015 (after being misdiagnosed a couple times earlier that year.) For the past two and a half years she’s fought an uphill battle with all the cards stacked against her while our country continues to systematically fall apart around us. 

Med shortages, lack of access to proper chemotherapy and care—even shortages of materials for blood tests and CT scans (at some point we had no choice but to get some scan images on our phones because there’s no materials left to print them properly), many have died in this country over the past 4 years due to not having access to proper meds or treatment anymore, and yet the Government refuses to admit that we’re facing a severe humanitarian crisis because “it’s just an excuse to invade our fatherland”. I don’t want my mother to be one more.

She’s a far better human bean that I can possibly ever hope to aspire, I’ve never deserved such a great mother, and she’s never deserved to go through all of this, but that’s just how life goes.

If you’re reading this, I am imploring you as a desperate son, if you might happen to know of any organization, group, or association in any country that can possibly provide her with humanitarian aid and treatment for her cancer, please let me know ASAP. I’ve tried a few embassies and organizations all across the globe but so far, I’ve been unsuccessful, nonetheless I’ve continued to try every approach possible but there is so much I can do from here. Just spreading the word helps on its own.

Please I’m begging you, I just want to save my mother.

-Christian Kaleb Caruzo.